It’s a simple word. It’s not hard to say or even define. In fact the dictionary defines intention as:


  1. an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.
  2. the end or object intended; purpose.
  3. intentions.
    1. purpose or attitude toward the effectof one’s actions or conduct: abungler with good intentions.
    2. purpose or attitude with respect to marriage: Our friends are beginningto ask what our intentions are.
  4. the act or fact of intending.

So what does that have to do with anything? Well I’ve been pondering doing things with intention. Thinking about, planning and moving forward with intent in a meaningful way that will cause or drive positive change in my life and those things and people around me.

See there is the age old saying that the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions.

In my case living an intentional life means that I and I alone chose what impacts and how my environment affects me. To me living intentionally means that I will get up and start each day with my Isagenix shake and 3 of those days will include gym days. That is preplanned intention. Once you chose what you are going to do and set forth the purpose the intent becomes actions, the actions become habits and habits become lifestyles and lifestyles become intentional living.

I want to change my lifestyle. I want to be healthy. If I shed inches and pounds along the way than better for me.

When I was running half marathons each days decisions were intentional choices. Once I got hurt and sick and stopped training and eating right and moving everyday my goals and intentions were dropped.

I have a new team. An Isagenix team that keeps me going. I’m finally getting the nutrition my body needs and finally putting all the pieces together.

Here’s to intentional living in 2018.

LB 1/1/18

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