Life The Universe and the Leftovers…..

So this isn’t my first blog rodeo. I’ve done several online journals. Never really written to share with others. This is the beginning of something new and exciting.

A few days ago an old friend of mine was talking about her 100x challenge. I started paying attention to what she was saying and started getting excited about coming up with my own 100x challenge.

The concept is really easy and you can find an explanation here.

Why? You ask would I want to do a 100 day challenge?  Let’s take a few steps backwards. In 2010 I ran 4 half marathons. Yes I purposely ran/walked/jogged 13.1 miles FOUR times. Along with those halves I also participated in a handful of 5ks. During all of this I lost weight, felt wonderful and was really changing my health.

Towards the end of 2010 I started having problems not feeling well tired all the time and just out of sorts. I thought I had a flu bug and had just pushed my body to far to fast.  I had gone from training 20 miles a week to zip, zero, zilch.  I was lucky if I could stay awake. I was going to bed at 9pm and not waking until 11am or so depending on the day.  In March of 2012 I was diagnosed with a sever kidney infection. The doctor put me on a heavy duty antibiotic. Two days in  to treatment I had a life threatening reaction to the antibiotic. My husband raced me to the emergency room. There I was treated with antihistamines and epinephrine. 

My body seemed so run down. I caught any bug that was even in the same building I was. This made for a pretty hard 2011 and for most of 2012.

On Saturday August 4th I was out shopping at having lunch with a friend and all the sudden I couldn’t breath, began sweating profusely and had sever abdominal pain on my right side. Yet another trip to the emergency room discovered that I had an unhappy gallbladder. (as if an internal organ has emotions)

The next day the surgeon removed said organ and I went home later that day. As the week progressed after the surgery I started to feel so much better. Now almost a week later here I am getting ready to start a 100x challenge and to change my world and my life again……….



What do you think?

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