What 100x Means to me……..

Okay so here we go just 4 days until the kick off of my first 100x Challenge. What do I want to do?  Well my BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) is to lose 100 pounds in 100 days. What is it going to take to do that?

  1. Food- A total shift in the way the family eats. We as a family NL and Hubs and I have promised to eat 100 healthy meals in 100 days. One healthy meal a day is not going to melt off 100 pounds. It’s going to take 3 healthy meals a day so that’s eating healthy for 300 meals
  2. Movement- It’s going to mean moving every day for an hour or more. Heck I’m a housewife what else do I have to do?  Oh yeah feed the family and clean the house. Movement does not include the trek up and down the three flights of stairs and that’s it for the day. this means lacing up the running shoes and kicking some asphalt! I’ve done it before I can do it again.
  3. Support- Not just “Oh your trying to lose weight that’s great” I mean someone to encourage, to push, to carry when I doubt. I’ve got that! My great friend the creator of the 100x Movement Jess!
  4. Determination- Determination that I will not let any negative people or thoughts derail my progress.

So all in all what does 100x mean to me? It means a paradigm shift not only in thinking but in actions and reactions.  Join me what can you change in 100 days? What can you achieve in 100 days?

I Challenge YOU! You have four days what will you change?


What do you think?

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